pause mode

21 Mar

hmm i’ve been reading blogs here and there of whose their toddler is as the same age of adam. they have started potty training.

in fact aku mmg dah mula kejap. pastu pause gitu je. adam dah menunjukkan minat not to wear diapers anymore. he’s really love not wearing diapers, but when one day he peed on the carpet while i was busy attending aidan, (padahal masa tu baruuuuuuuu je lepas keluar bilik air) it was when i pushed the ‘pause’ button.

he had shown the sign that he is ready (he knows he’s wet, his diapers stay dry for few hours even during night time, he did not wet his diapers during sleep.. day or nite). it makes me a bad mother. i could not even tahan his tantrums if he demands for bottle (err i tried to wean him off from bottle too.. it’s also in pause mode). semua pause. apa aku buat?

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Posted by on March 21, 2010 in simply random


One response to “pause mode

  1. nannoor

    March 26, 2010 at 10:20 am

    tasneem belum lg ready for PT.
    aku cm dah terjangkit dgn demam PT kt blogger-sphere ni tp itulah…aku rasa masa belum sampai lg. aku plan nk amik cuti and dok ngadap dia 24hours for 3-4days straight.
    good luck to us


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