life is less easy when daddy is not around

01 Apr

but i had to admit it’s not so serabut compared to the time i was still working for the pan.a.sonic. mcm nanad ckp, “kalau tak lalu yg dulu, so nnt kita tak appreciate apa yg kita dpt skrg”..

so today, masuk keje tak kelam kabut dah. ๐Ÿ™‚ i had ironed my shirts before sleep. i know i could not do it in the morning because aidan is a subuh-person. kalau nak buat benda lain pagi2 tu, kena bukak tv. dia tak tgk tv, but the sound ofย  someone talking is enough to make him satisfy.

pagi tadi lepas hantar my SIL to pick up her car at the workshop, pegi visit baby nanad yg dah sebulan. i hope the swaddler i bought for aniq masih muat. klau tak muat, simpan la utk next baby. ๐Ÿ˜›

so since daddy and his atuk are not around, the whole (left-over) clan of zainudins went to kfc. the easiest and nearest spot to eat. ahahha

balik2 je adam show off his blocks to nekmi. then nekmi challenge him, who could build the highest tower. so diorg pun bersungguh2 la (of kos la adam menang kan). hahahha..

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