Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

14 Apr


I’ve came across at FB status of kellymom. They had posted this web address. I know that this protocols might be very useful to some of you, if not all of us. Of course, everyone must breastfeed their babies – fully or not tu terpulang la kan. The mommies to BF and daddies to support! At least for the first few months of their precious life.

I am still a BF-ing mom. I love BF-ing Aidan as much as I love BF-ing Adam before. An easy baby (compared to his abg), but Adam lebih concentrate masa BF. Aidan playful. Kejap2 je.

Both of them are a healthy baby. I miss being with them all the time. SAHM, i miss the title. Sgt bersyukur with current working hour flexibility.

Tomorrow I’ll be working from home. The husband and the gang will go to KL for a day.

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