working from home. not!

16 Apr

yup i’m at home but i’m not working (read: my work as an engineer). i’m a full time mama, taking care my volcano-hot-fever baby.

aidan demam for the first time (do not count demam sbb injection/immunization). ini dah hari ke-3. the first day was not so bad. masih suam2 and i still went to office. babysitter called during lunch break. i went home, pass her the infant PCM syrup. tht nite ajek went to KL, aidan get really hot at midnite. i kept on sponging him, giving him another dose of PCM. lepas tu dah ok.

smlm i took him to our family GP. he said, “takde apa2 insyaAllah”. he just prescribed me with ubat demam and ubat selsema. everything mcm ok saje. bila malam je panasss.. aku dah start letih. tunggu ajek balik tak sampai2. i kept on sponging him. the highest temp is this morning 38.7deg C.

combo skali dgn berak2. the fever does not subside after taking the meds. now dia tgh tdo. i have to eat! kalau tak, dia tak bg lgsg letak bawah. tak setuju masuk dlm pouch. so, kena dukung je la.

of course aku takut budak demam niiiiiiiiii.. teringat adam dulu kena pneumonia. huiii tak mahu lagi. cannot tahan the asthma part.

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