Happy Mother’s Day

10 May

How was ur mothers day? My sons woke up in their chirpiest mood, that was a very good gift. Smile and healthy, enjoyed their daily activities, nothing can beat that.

Adam is showing improvements in his speech, walaupun masih sgt pelat tp kalau atukma dgr dah paham la. At least i dont need to be his translator. Dia dah tak kisah if mama is not around and enjoyed his aunts and uncles company. Asalkan ada bekal mknn dan susu yg cukup bila dia mintak, dia tak cranky.

Aidan pulak, getting interested with doors and stairs. At one minute he’s in front of tv, another second dah mengekor mama nak jemur kain kat luar. Apa2 je pintu terbukak dia mesti pegi and that includes pintu bilik air. Ahah stairs, every kids loves stairs. Kan? So a reminder here, “daddy, pasang balik grill”..

I bought iphone for my mother’s day and birthday present. The black one since no stock for white 16Gb in jb. Semua maxis center i cari ~ tak tipu. i liked it soooooo much. I’m glad I’ve made a right decision. Even ajek is tempted to buy for himself. But i said to him tak payah la, he hv blackberry already. Hahhha

I’ve bought my moms bday pressie too. U see, i will spend a lot in the month of may, every year.

To my mom and my mommy, happy mothers’ day. I would never repay ur sacrifices utk menjaga dan memberi pendidikan. I will never have the same patience, but i will try to take to take care of my kids.

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Posted by on May 10, 2010 in simply random


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