mama-daddy shopping day

15 May

after having kids, other than working days, we rarely went out just the two of us. but today we did that. left the kids at the babysitter, and we left to watch movie and shopping.

ahah, i have a husband who loves shopping more than i am. his shoes collection are greater than mine, his wardrobe is updated and his gadgets are canggih if not the latest. i dont mind, because:

it’s always me who read the operating instructions and sometimes i knew the hidden features more than him. i could wear his tshirts especially when i was pregnant (twice!), his shirts are roomy. perfect for the bulging tummy. but i could not help the shoe part.

the last time we went out when i bought my running shoes, i said, “pls try your best not to buy shoes at least until end of this year”

it is only may, maybe he had bought 10 pairs of shoes, this year alone. me? hahahahha i have one pair of trusted black heels that i wear everyday to work.. i love it so much so i dont think i need more shoes.

but i know, i have to get more shoes and more shirts. work-in-the-factory-uniform-days are over. i get used not to shop for clothing so much because i wore uniform to work. haha hideous uniform 😛 with white anti-static shoes. yeah, ugly. but that saves my money, and yet the pay is still so little.

so i thot i wanna buy shirts, but that is not happening if i’m going shopping with ajek. it will just not happen! because i’m not a spontaneous buyer. i will jalan the whole mall and settle a pair or two blouses/shirts/tops. and that does not apply to ajek. hahahha so its ok. i could teman him shopping because it is so easy.

i would shop more if i go shopping with nanad. usually she would the one who memberikankata-kata semangat utk menghabiskan duit. hahahha

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