Progress on potty training

29 May

When everything seemed adam is adjusted to new potty training. Today everything is just come back to zero.

Smlm he was able to say “mama, adam nk cing” while running to bathroom.

Today none were said, thus his aunty need to wash atok’s dining chair. Plush cushion. Hamek kau tak ingat2. Tak panas pulak hari ni.

Other than that, he peed in the mini pool, on the porch, on the bench at the playground and at the atok’s hall.

Huuuuuiii mencabar btol. I guess he was too excited playing.

It’s ok. Mesti la training ada accidents kan. I know he could do it, kena bwk dia gi toilet rather than asking him “do u want to?”.. He doesn’t confident himself. He keep asking for diaper.

As he was falling asleep, I told him that i’m proud of him.

Adam n aidan, Mama loves you two.

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Posted by on May 29, 2010 in simply random


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