my husband is always not at home..

26 Jun

but i know where is he whereabouts.

frankly, i should not be worry where is him. he always be honest (wallahua’lam) to me. yup, he is not always at home.

mostly he went out for work, where i could work from home (tak leh blah sbb selalunya buat house work dari work from home) when he is outstation. eventho he is in JB, his work requires weekends and late nights hour. Alhamdulillah, he is working hard for us. Thanks sayang.

Selalu kalau dia balik, dia dah letih. I am not a perfect wife. I know I am not good in housekeeping. He is better than me. So, at least what could I do is cook for him. Serve his drinks when he is at home. I tried to be an obedient wife, but I always FAIL. Kena baca balik Ayat-Ayat Cinta supaya aku jadi insaf semula.

I want his attention, Adam seeks attention too. Aidan at the other hand, needs the whole attention. The chaos makes me sour. No more sweet smile.
A laughter is mile away.

Keredhaan Allah kepada seorang wanita adalah terletak pd keredhaan suaminya.

Allah menjanjikan syurga bagi isteri yg taat pd perintah suami. Malah diberikan pilihan utk memilih pintu syurga. Wallahua’lam.

Recently terbaca tentang Fatimah Azzahrah. Ya Allah semoga aku dapat menjadi sepertinya.

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