Aidan, 1 year old. Raya prep.

31 Aug

Yeay! We had passed another year of joy and laughter of bringing up babies.. I’m so looking forward to see more of Aidan. A week before his birthday, dia dah start nak jalan, and until today, there is no sign of walking. hahah its ok baby. Mama has no expectation for you to walk at 1. Because I did that on your abg and left me feeling so stressful, especially when people around us asking, “belum jalan lagi ke??”.. mak aii

Walking or not, everyone has their special abilities. I was looking forward for a major milestone in Adam, and when Aidan reached this stage at 12 month, I realized that Aidan could not do some other things that Adam had achieved. I wont elaborate on this, but suffice to say that Adam is more on fine motor skill, while Adik is more to the gross motor skill. Aidan is definitely a technical person. Well Adam, you are just like me. Hence, I just dont like comparing them. They are both special. Every kids is unique.

Aidan had a runny nose on his birthday. On the same date, we invited some of our friends for a iftar-potluck do at our house. Waahh, it was 2 years ago when we invited people to come to our house. Prior of Ramadhan, Ajek had disposed some of our cutlery since it had shown some sign of ‘aging’. hahaha seriously, the handle tanggal and all. We had a new pack of forks and spoons, but they were just enough for 4 people. HAHHAHA

So we had to go to Jusco to buy forks and spoons for our guests. And extra shock-proof plates for the kids. The idea of buying cake did not cross my mind. So what I did was, making a caramel flan for Aidan. It is cross between cheese cake and caramel pudding.  Of course my kids fav, mac and cheese. I let Aidan had his mac and cheese on his own. Dia syiok saangat sampai kaki masuk pinggan. Rambang mata nak mkn, semua dia capai.

I let Aidan to play with other kids, with all uncles and aunties who were so geram with his chubbiness. I think he knew that, it was his birthday.. So he did not cry. He was too happy and busy to chase after mama. 🙂

Even Adam had fun with friends. He told me his “tadi Adam main” story when we were cuddling on the bed to sleep. He is good in explaining now, even with his pelat-ness.

Raya prep. Waah.. I am amazed with me this year. I am really absorbed with the ‘wasatiah’ spirit. Semangat kesederhanaan. I cook almost everyday. I think I should not buy any raya cookies, because it all would a  huge waste, just like the past 3 years, they went to the dump. Membazir, kan?

So this year, maybe I would make a few dozens of cookies utk bawak balik kampung je. And keep one small container for us at home. Not sure whether we’re going to host an open hse or not this year. Maybe yes, maybe no.

We’re going to buy oven right now! ok bye bye

anyone has a fool-proof biskut suji recipe? which one is better? with almonds or the plain one? I want those yg melt in your mouth tu. That is my promise to Ajek this year. hiihi


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2 responses to “Aidan, 1 year old. Raya prep.


    September 20, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    reading ur blog is like reading twiligt books…I likkkeeeeeeeeeeeee~~hhahahaa

    • tuty

      September 21, 2010 at 9:59 pm

      in dat case, i shall write a book. hahahaha 😛 tgk sape beli


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