Biskut Suji

07 Sep

The first thing upon opening oven box was, I baked a biskut suji. It was my promise to Ajek. The recipe was the simplest one, using ghee, castor sugar and flour. It was a success recipe.

I remembered, baking with my mom. We use tepung suji/semolina in the recipe. I texted my sister, “Fathin, carikan resepi biskut suji dlm buku masak mama”.. It was a simple request, but I forgot to ask her, to get my mom’s approval first before sending the recipe to me.

I was totally forgotten that, there might be 20 different recipes with the same name, Biskut Suji, in one single book. The book is, an old hard-cover diary (maybe 1983’s diary), the recipes were handwritten, if not pasted from old newspaper or magazines. Its a folio. haha

The recipe my sis gave me was simple. I look high and low for sugee flour in Pasir Gudang. Ajek pun sanggup la menghantar serata ceruk nak cari. Dpt je, beli terus 2 bungkus.

The recipe:

250g ghee
250g castor sugar
400g sugee flour.

Mixed sugar+ghee until white and fluffy. Add the flour sikit2 sampai bole bentuk bulat2.

simple right? but the mixture is absolutely not correct!

Aku stress mlm tadi nak mengadun balik. It took me 2 packs of sugee flour, each pack is 450g.. so dekat sekilo? tak leh bentuk lgsg. Add up some whaet flour.

I even piped it on the tray, baked it more than 30mins, silently hoping the mixture could set with the help of heat. tet tettt FAILED!

Ok, mama called giving an advise (when I started to think to dump all the ingredients/mixture. Siap ckp kat Ajek, “yang, sorry kalau tak jadi mlm ni, saya cuba esok pulak”).. Mama suh kluarkan sikit, tambah tepung gandum.

I asked Mr Google, he said the qty of semolina used is sikit je~ tak la sampai sekilo~!! maybe around 30g for a 250g butter.

Hah.. now what shud I do?

Aku asingkan semangkuk kecil bancuhan tadi, tambah tepung gandum, tepung jagung. I baked it at 180, 25mins. Off to bed because Aidan was not feeling well last night. When Ajek entered the room, he said “lembik jugak la yang”..

“hmm tak pe la..” (it was 2am, I was damn fed-up)

When I woke up after Subuh (we purposely skipped sahur because Ajek had his large meal at 2am, and I at the other hand, raya already), I took a peek at the white snowy balls on the rack.

It tasted good, the sweetness is just correct, but still, it is not the sugee I’m dreaming of.

I shall try again.

(Yes, I want to use sugee flour in my sugee cookies, not ghee cookies).

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One response to “Biskut Suji

  1. en_me

    September 9, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    salam aidilfitri wat akak tuty ittewww.. ja’alanallahu minal ‘aidin wal faizin, maaf zahir batin dr me yg jauh dimata..


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