Happy Birthday, son!

18 Oct

Adam, you’re three today. In fact I’ve tought you how to answer the Q “how old are you?” and the answer is three, since January. But today is the day.

3 years ago, mama and daddy went to the hosp on the 6th day of Syawal. We were supposed to meet the doctor on the 3rd Syawal, but daddy gave way to me bcos I want to spend raya so badly hahaha.

You were born 11.52pm. Sikit lagi nak masuk ‘esok’.. You know adam, it is easier to gave birth to than to adik. Haha..

You are mama’s boy. You hugged me everytime I need a lot of hugs. You hugged me when I was crying. Not one time, but most of the time.

You teach me how to be patient. At one time I was so mad at you, I screamed. But you begged, “mama, jgn marah Adam”.

Adam i love you so much. You always make me proud. I see myself in you. Degil, gembeng, soft hearted. You cried a lot, but you make the day seems brighter even more with ur love, ur laughs and you yourself.

Mama, daddy and adik love abang adam so much. Someone yg x berkira dgn adik. Someone who is willing to share everything with his loved ones. a small boy with a big heart, Adam Zufar Zakwan.

The birthday boy with his finally found perfect present (after hours in toys r us). He was the terrorist yesterday. Mama jd mama terrorist sbb kena bawakkan senapang bila adam penat nak menembak dah. Mana? Aeon Tebrau City.

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