i am damn jealous

31 Oct

my husband have new hobby, or new habit. no, he has new wife. eventho he doesn’t like my nagging voice, but he listens to her loud voice. i dont mind that, what bug me now is, she takes my place.

i would be grateful if she takes turn to cook, or wash the clothes. even better if she could fold the clothes, the routine i hated the supermaximum. i am very happy if she could take Aidan once in a while when the baby cries for a lift.

or drive me to JB..

or what ever.

but she is not.. apparently she sings a lot of songs, and Ajek seems so fall in love with her. i curse her.

she took my place, they went everywhere together. and the worst is..

she sleeps with my husband now.

the reason I outlined the No-PC-in-bedroom rules, has something related to this.

i am damn jealous.

pls, behave lady Grado.


disclaimer: entry ini mmg ada berkaitan dgn org yg masih hidup dan sebuah gadget. hahahahha

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Posted by on October 31, 2010 in simply random


One response to “i am damn jealous


    October 31, 2010 at 2:53 am

    wahahahahahh~~the new wife shud be drown in the pail…give ti aidan..hes gud at it!ha3


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