The final week

30 Dec

Cepatnya dah hujung tahun 2010. Aku rasa macam baru je bersalin Aidan tahun lepas. Skrg Aidan dah besar dah, dah pandai main, dah faham kalau ckp dgn dia. He is very smart boy. Dah 1 thn 4 bulan, tapi belum byk perkataan. Standardlah tu. Abang dia pun lambat ckp. I dont have any issue. My mom always brought up this matter, and I always replied with, “every baby is different. he will talk soon, just like Adam”.

But I am sure he was screaming “TAT!!” when he saw a cat at my in-law’s. hahahha that was really funny seeing him all excited and trying to chase the cat while screaming “TAT TAT”.. and today, he was screaming loudly while pointing out of the gate, “BAKKKK”.. it was a bird! haha

Adam has grown up into a good abang. He is really abang. I like it. I do not have abang. Aizec is my abang! (ouch!) hahahaha (muntah jap.)

Adam would tepuk2 Aidan even with his eyes closed, if Aidan cried in the middle of the night searching for milk and I wasnt there. If Adam is awake, he’d say, “Adik, jangan nangis. Mama ada. Abang kat sini. Abang tak tinggal adik”. owhh suwiit ok.

Both of them respect (or afraid) if Daddy marah. But they reacted differently. Adam would cry and running for protection (mama). Aidan would sulk, he would stay still and did not even lift a finger. Then he would look at daddy or me. Pastu baring mintak angkat, kaki hentak2. DRAMA!

But alhamdulillah, dua-dua senang pujuk.

Next week, another year.

Next week, Adam would start schooling at Tadika Sistem. Aku takut Adam tak happy sekolah. Memang dia nak. But he is so young. Could he do it? I hope. If he cries, I should listen to him. He is all excited about schooling. What if there’s a bully in his class? How would he react? Would he cry or fight back? Could he share the toys? WOuld he tell teacher that he want to go to the bathroom? Ha ni paling risaulah.

“Adam nak gi oyet” or “Adam nak cing/yak” – tolonglahhh cikgu dia paham. Pelat ini budak.

I must prepare his snacks at school. Kena berfikiran logik lah, susah nnt Adam nak makan mi goreng/nasi goreng. Mesti sepah2. So now I am compiling all simple snacks recipe for him.

He would have muffins, bread, cookies for snacks. I would give him cut fruits too. Plain water for him. I hope Adam would eat and do not starve himself. Adam suka mkn ikut mood, tu yg aku risau.

Mak ni kerja dia risau je kan? kalau dia lapar nnt dia mkn la kan?


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2 responses to “The final week

  1. shera

    December 30, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    eh, adam masuk sekolah awal ye? dia belum 5 tahun lagi kan?

    dont worry k.tuty, adam will be fine🙂

    • t.u-ty

      January 2, 2011 at 9:24 pm

      this year dia 4 tahun. actually dia nak sgt g sekolah sbb dia nampak kakak/abg anak babysitter sekolah. cari playschool kat sini tapi takde. so masukkan la yg paling hampir konsep byk main..

      arghh esok adam sekolah. nervous&excited!


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