Day 7 – Finally

12 Jan

Alhamdulillah.. Finally Adam went to school without crying or screaming or dilly dallying. Today is the perfect day!

Adam was still ok for the 2nd day.. But he cried everyday since then.

Sempat tgk animated Mr Bean pagi2. I know that for 7.30-8.00am there’s 2 back to back episodes, kalau tunggu habis tak sempat la nak masuk sekolah punctual. When I wanted to switch off the TV, Adam said he wanted to watch Bean first, then to school.Ok takpe.. I have to switch off the TV once the episode ends.

Ok, at 7.45, I switched off the TV when Adam said, “ok mama, bean dah habis. Gi school”


“Nanti mama, teman sikit je tau. Jgn banyak2”

Teman sikit – hantar dia sampai dpn pintu pagar je, tak payah masuk sampai kelas. 😀 haha pandainyaaa

Ok jgn happy dulu. Sbb Adam mmg pandai berjanji syahdu. Isnin lepas, janji manis sungguh kat rumah. Tapi sampai je dpn gate, meraung!

Kalau nak pergi sekolah, Adam yg akan suruh belok kiri or kanan. Hari ni siap sambung, “ok dah sampai school! Mama, teman Adam!”

I parked the car, assisted him out to bring out his Ben10 bag. His class teacher came and greeted him. They went into the school hand in hand, while Adam smiling, proudly!!

“Bye Adam!!”
“Bye mama!!”

His teacher looked at me and smile. Siap angkat kening. haha

I do not know what makes him OK today. His daddy promised to reward him a toy guitar if he agree go to school, complete 5 days a week. While I reward him with a Mickey Mouse sticker a day. Hari tu masuk2 kereta dah tanya, “mama mana gitar?” Aik??

“Adam gi school penuh minggu ni baru ada gitar”
“Penuh?” oh tak paham la dia.

“Adam school 5 hari baru ada gitar”
“school FIVE mama?”.. hahah sambil buat tangan dia tunjuk jari 5.
“haaa five”

“alaaaa adam nak gitar!!!”

30minit nak pujuk dia, sekolah penuh seminggu tak nangis baru dpt.

Then I took out the sticker, and the newly bought sticker book. One sticker at a time, kalau tak habis laaa.

I guess he already understand that. If he behaves, go to school without any issue, then mama & daddy will reward him. I didnt remember if I got rewarded for going to school. hahah because I didn’t cry 😛

Here I share the pics from his 1st day. I copied from the teacher FB. I didn’t know he was in the final round of the musical chair game, I wasn’t there. I missed it. Seb baik ada gambar. Proud-lah, Adam tak pernah main kat rumah. 😀

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Posted by on January 12, 2011 in simply random


One response to “Day 7 – Finally

  1. fathin

    January 13, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    haha. comel le adam men musical chair tu.. rindu adam… lebiu!!


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