Adam progress

21 Feb

I just have to write this down in my blog. Mcm x percaya yg Adam dah pandai button baju sendiri. Haha I dont know when is the milestone for button up his shirt himself. But he did amazingly tonite.

Adam!! Mama is so proud. Dia turun bawah, unbutton shirt dia. Sbb dia nk show to daddy that he could button up himself. Of course lah dgn daddy lagi cool sbb high-five watsoever. Dgn mama emosi lebih. Hugs and kisses. Pfftt

Lately adam mcm x kawan mama. Hmm since aidan demam la hari tu dia mcm merajuk sikit. Aku plak sedih2 adam garang2 with me. Aidan demam and clingy sgt. Adam x dpt attention. Pastu adam plak demam while aidan is still clingy. Sian.

Biasa demam mmg ada progress lah.

Adam- boleh button baju. Haha pandai main kite. Lebih focus buat kerja2 akademik hahaha

Aidan- tambah vocab. Such as “dede”. Which is daddy. Jadi super cute. Pandai gurau. Pandai main. If mama marah, aidan ketawa. If daddy berdehem je, trrus kememeh.

Why nobody is taking me seriously? Sighh….

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