Merembat iPad yg jatuh harga

07 Mar

Kehadiran iPad2 sebenarnya kami tunggu, sbb aku dah rasa ‘kenangan pahit’ masa beli iPhone 3GS. Lps 3 bulan beli, iPhone4 di-launch. Ouch tau rasa dia. Bukan sbb ‘kenapa aku tak tunggu iPhone4?’, tapi sbb HARGAAAAA!!

Harga iPhone4 skrg adalah lebih baik dari iPhone3GS, serta pakej yg lebih menarik. Sighh..

Ok, iPad2 aku tunggu sbb.. dah alang2 beli nnt beli je la yg latest. Mmg hendak membeli sbb aku memang deeply fallen in love with iPhone. Everything is iPhone, even blogging. PC adalah semata2 utk buat kerja di pejabat yg sah aku tak blog. Hahaha aku tak lah busy sgt, tapi sibuk mem-busykan diri.

Skali iPad2 launch, aku mcm kecewa, other than size and weight, it only adds camera. 1080 display and HDMI cable doesn’t fancy me much. No retina display! But it has gyroscope, which until now I dont know what does that thing do in iPad. Anyone knows?

On our way to office, I saw Machines tweeted on new iPad price in Apple Store. After much deep conversations between two engineers in the hse, we decided to buy the iPad (1). It is cheap!! Only RM1499 for a 32Gb wifi iPad (didn’t want to commit on another monthly bill, that’s why we did not buy the 3G version).

As expected, Adam’s first impression on iPad.

“Besarnya phone niiii!!”

Skrg, i have two ‘phones’ to sorok by bedtime. Kalau tak, sampai ke subuh diorg rebut nak main.

Aidan? Yes, he could operate iPhone and iPad.

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