Demam full swing

28 Mar

Adam cuti sekolah 2 minggu. Iyaa dua minggu, sedangkan org lain cuma seminggu.

Weekend terakhir cuti sekolah tu, kitorg balik kampung. Kutip durian, pegi sungai (tgk je), makan2 and semua la aktiviti kampung. Skali balik JB, hari Ahad tu Adam dah mula lemah, refuse mkn and all. Aidan pulak start batuk tak berenti2 waktu malam and selsema teruk.

Whoaa.. Monday, Adam ke babysitter, aku pegi office sbb tak boleh cuti – ada hal perlu uruskan (aku tak ingat pun apa halnya, tp mmg kena dtg opis). Balik ptg tu Kak Nina ckp Adam tak nak mkn lgsg, minum susu 2 kali, tp muntah. That’s it. Itulah susah kalau Adam demam. Tak demam pun susah mkn, apa lagi bila demam.

Ok, we tried our best to feed him with milk. Dia cuma nak minum sunquick je. Then daddy had to feed him with ice cream – at least something has to be in his tummy right? Half and hour after that, he threw them all on the bathroom floor.

Another day passed, he even refused to eat homeopathy – the one that he will chase when he is not ill. Malam2, kul 3 pagi nnt dua-dua batuk kung kang kung kang. Aku mmg sah la takleh tdo risaukan dedua tu.Adam will only agree to drink his milk sekali je – in the morning. For that few days, he drank milk once, and eaten once in the morning, and feed himself with water + sunquick for the rest of the day. He didnt want milk bcos he said, “nnt Adam muntah”.. sighh

The boys take care of each other, that is funny. Aidan who was sick too, but active and jumpy (and having super runny nose) keep checking on his abang. Hahahha they were so funny because Adam was so irritated when Aidan came and poke his hand on Adam’s face/nose/mouth. When it’s Aidan’s turn to hv his meds, Adam will get up and hold Aidan’s legs & hands (padahal dia sendiri tak mau ubat).

We brought Adam to paed when my doctor BIL came and said “Adam need to get to the hospital”. I changed Adam’s clothes,he asked where we’re going. I said, “kita nak gi jumpa doktor, check Adam sbb Adam muntah. Nnt doktor check mulut, check dada. ok?”

He agreed! Wow!!

It was hard to bring Adam to clinic actually, but I guess he is big enough now that doctor wont hurt him. It is important for him to be briefed what would happen. Then, the real struggle is with the meds.

As we all know, antibiotics need to be finished within specific time. Kalau tak nnt virus/bakteria tu tak mau mati, kan? How could i paksa this kid? Then I knew it!

“Adam kena mkn ubat ni.. Satu ubat oren, satu ubat putih”

The orange one tasted nice. So that one not so much problem. He actually swallowed it when I said “kereta hospital” will come and fetch him so he would stay in ward alone. When I said ‘kerete hospital ada kat dpn sana tu nak amik Adam’, skali lalu van sekolah! Aku ni thn gelak bila dia marah, “kenapa van sekolah nak bawak Adam pegi hospital? Adam tak nak!!”

It took me half an hour for a spoonful of ubat. 1 ubat. Almost open up the gate to welcome ‘kereta hospital’. I actually yelled in front of my house calling “kereta hospital, Adam ni tak nak mkn ubat”. Yes, he terpedaya. Good for me.

Ohh that one is ubat oren. How is ubat putih (the antibiotics).

It smelled fart! No kidding. I had to hold his hands and I dont know how much he swallowed and the rest is on his face/lantai/baju. Lantaklah.

The next day, I told him about the virus/bacteria will not die if he doesn’t eat his meds properly. He was puzzled.

Ok, I change the script pulak, “Dlm perut Adam ada ulat, kena mkn ubat putih. Doktor suruh”

“Haaa? Ada ulat??? Adam tak nak ulat!!”

HAHAHHAHAHHA yes, he took that ubat putih tanpa paksaan – walaupun lima belas menet!!

That evening, he told my brother, “Cik Di, mama kata dlm perut Adam ada ulat”
“Sbb tu la kena mkn ubat. Kalau tak mkn nnt ulat keluar kat mulut”


Ok now, ubat putih dah habis, but I keep giving him scotts emulsion as pengganti ubat oren (ibuprofen) tu. So he would get use to makan ubat ni. Alhamdulillah they are healthy now. As for Aidan, when he saw his elder brother took the meds by spoon, he want spoon too instead of syringe. But hey, kids will always be kids that doesn’t like meds. So dia tertipu disebalik Calciyum. teeheeehehe.. Aidan was supposed to chew singulair (because of his bad cough a nite), dia tak mau. Then I waited until he’s asleep, then I sumbat dlm mulut dia. Dia kunyah2 masa tdo.. Nampak sgt kuat mkn si Aidan ni. Kalau aku bg nasi pun bole mkn agaknya.


I cut their hair yesterday. They really need a haircut. Adam refused to go to barbershop. And our mesin is not at home, left me with only option – gunting! Adam cried, Aidan cool.

This is them. Aidan was trying to make peace sign. Adam plak, tiru Adik. 😀


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4 responses to “Demam full swing

  1. cik aten

    March 28, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    haha.. serius.. muka aidan dah macam muka abg dah.. haha

    • t.u-ty

      March 31, 2011 at 2:35 pm

      aah kak tuty pun perasan muka aidan dah makin sebijik muka adam

  2. nforname

    March 31, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    klu tak bgtau si baju biru tu aidan mmg fikir tu adam.

    • t.u-ty

      March 31, 2011 at 2:36 pm

      hehehe adik beradik 😛


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