fat fat go away and dont ever come back again

12 Apr

Dah tak terkira dah how many post stressing the ‘fat’ and ‘lazy’ me. Ajek pun dah naik nyampah. hahaha the truth is I wanna run (jogging) but I dont have a jogging buddy. Ajek sees this running thing with me is not cool. HAHHAHA.. maybe I am too slow. Not his fault :P~

He did buy me a new shoes. Puma shoes, very pretty. I fall in love with them, they are too comfy. As if there is  a thick mattress under your feet, but I find it a bit lenguh after 3 hour walk around the shopping mall. Why why oo why?

Let me tell you why. Because the shoes are made for lazy people for me. For someone who doesn’t exercise, but find shopping/walking around the mall is more important than anything else. Yes lah. The shoes are toning shoes.

Dah tu org beli kasut utk workout, aku beli kasut utk jalan2. Eh bukan aku beli kasut, org belikan kasut. Aku tunjuk je. Mekasih yang~.. I love you more. Belikan kasut lagi, I love you more than ever. Try la lagi 🙂 Tsskk..

Let me share you some of the benefits:

  • Activate Muscles On The Go

BodyTrain shoes activate leg muscles up to 18% more than some of the leading toning shoe competitors.

  • Light As A Feather

Weighing in at 205 grams, BodyTrain is one of the lightest toning shoes on the market. Its feather-like weight means less stress on your joints and more comfort for all day wear.

  • A Profile As Slim As Yours

Looks matter. Let your feet look as good as you do. BodyTrain’s slim midsole profile with a running shape means that your feet will always look feminine and stylish

  • Walk Natural

BodyTrain is built with a dual density foam that offers increased stability and reduced pronation for natural walking.


How it works?


Toe-off Compression

Full length ldCELL technology continues through the front of the sole to create resistance and increase muscle activation in the front of your legs.

Soft Density ldCELL Midsole

ldCELL technology in the midsole of the shoe compresses to create resistance as you move through your natural walking gait, causing your muscles to work harder.


The beveled heel maximizes your leg extension in each stride. Your heel is immediately compressed, creating resistance and increased activation in your hamstring and calf muscles.


Everything I paste here are from Puma BodyTrain Page. It also shows some of simple exercise.. which could be done by anyone, even without the shoes! hahahaha so Tuty pls pls move your lazy ass!

Muscle bekerja lebih, no wonder la lenguh skit berjalan hari Ahad lepas. I love the shoes to bits. There’s more design to choose from, but I pick this one because they are pretty to my eyes. hehehe 🙂



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2 responses to “fat fat go away and dont ever come back again

  1. hidayah

    April 19, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Try Zumba 🙂

    • t.u-ty

      April 19, 2011 at 12:19 pm

      kau dah try? best tak?


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