Spelling bee

30 Apr

I came homw one day and Adam surprised me with his new skill, spelling.

I did not expect Adam could spell any word at his age. Even though I always teach him to spell words, but I did not have any goal for that.

Thank you Adam. You always makes me happy and assures me that I am not a fail mother!!

Hari ni dia nampak jam Ben10 yg bole buat pelbagai aksi. Jam tu x la mahal, RM15 je. Tapi aku x la belikan utk dia sbb tgn dia kecik sgt. Aku selalu sgt reward anak tanpa sebab. Hahhaa biasa la kan. Parents love to make their kida happy in any possible way 🙂

So today I make him promise me to spell 1-10, car, cat, dog, duck and bird.

Baru setengah hari dah sampai ‘four’.. Lusa kena beli la ni. Ingatkan minggu dpn hahaha

Syabas Adam!!

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