The Princes

Adam Zufar Zakwan was born on 18th Oct 2007 (6th of Syawal 1428), and he was 2.67kg. He had big eyes staring at me at the moment he was brought to me. He was sibijik sebijun muka Ajek, especially tang dagu. He was born at 37th week. I had almost 12hour delivery process, I was induced at lunch and delivered the baby at 11.52pm.

Aidan Zufar Zyad was born on 27th Aug 2009 (6th of Ramadhan 1430), at 36th week. I had gestational diabetes during this pregnancy, and I tell you it was tough. I could not control my diet so well thus explained the early delivery, I had to be induced. Even at 36th week, Aidan weighed 3.05kg, and I cannot imagine if he was born at 40week, he would weigh almost 4kg. He has round face and could not open his eyes, he was sleepy due to the laughing gas I inhaled during the labor process. This time, 8hour. He was born at 10.35pm after been induced from 3.00pm!

The boys are fully breastfed, I am so into breastfeeding! They are golden boys, literally. Their jaundice were so high, they looked kuning emas. Not to worry, their breastmilk jaundice settled after week 6, both of them were given phenobarbitone to mature their liver function.


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