15 Jun

As part of our training material, we have to do a product evaluation which require us to play with a signal generator. Basic Communication is a core subject for all electrical engineering students in UTM, but I cannot recall what had I learned then.

FM is frequency modulation, AM is amplitude. So? What about all the fc and fm? The Nyquist thingy. What’s the relation between modulation in kHz and percent? What FM has to do with amplitude? Hahahhahaha.. Chloe asked me a lot of this thing after Lo said, “Tuty terer”. Lo sudah tertipu.. sbb aku cuma terer lukis frequency spectrum hari tu. Sorry Chloe couldn’t help you. But I promise I would find something useful tonight.

Ajek isn’t around. I did not flirt, ok. But, Lo entered my dream that day being the most romantic guy I ever met. He’s funny and handsome. Tu la skrg ni aku bgn awal, semua mimpi aku ingat. Segan2 aku nak masuk kerja hari tu. Nasib baik Lo dah pindah tempat duduk.

I reached home at 9 yesterday with muncung jatuh ke bawah. kaki cramp tak hingat. Jam gila baboon.


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Posted by on June 15, 2005 in crash and burn


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